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Skutt FireBox 14  (This is our best selling kiln of the larger kilns.) (110 V which is a great plus!!)

The price includes the shipping for this kiln. This kiln had to come by ground and freight liner to Alaska.

Designed for fusing glass tiles. Square chamber holds a full square foot of 4" x 4" tiles.

3-button Glassmaster LT controller, 115 Volts, 15 Amps, 1725 Watts, Max. Temp: 1700 deg. F

Inside dimensions: 14.5" sq. x 6.5" deep, Shipping weight: 110 lbs., 2 Year Warranty

Information on the GlassMaster LT Controller:

Has almost all the features of the standard GlassMaster in a compact 3-button controller.

+ GlassFire Mode: Skutt's preset programs for fusing, slumping and tac fusing to help beginners start firing right away.

+ Ramp and Hold Mode: Up to 8 segment programming.

Room to store 5 custom programs

Add Time, Add Temp, Skip Segment(adjust programs on the fly).


Note: For store picup only. If you need it to ship to you, please contact us for information at

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